One of the first things we notice about a person is their eyes. Think about the last time you met someone attractive. It’s likely that you remember their beautiful eyes, the way you felt when they looked at you. Even in everyday interactions, our perception of a person is strongly influenced by the appearance of their eyes and how much eye contact they make. Eyes can influence how much we like someone, trust them, even whether we fall in love with them.


Eyes are important to us from birth. According to Psychology Today, even newborns respond to eye contact, paying more attention to faces that look at them, and following the direction of their parents’ eyes as they look around the room. This is no accident. Eye contact helps bind us to other people, giving us a window into their interests, thoughts, and feelings.

Self-help website The Art of Charm even recommends eye contact as a way to generate attraction. When used judiciously, eye contact can make your conversation partner or romantic interest feel attractive, recognized, and validated.


When trying to make ourselves appear attractive and confident, we spend a huge amount of time and money on our clothes, hair, and makeup. So why do we pay so little attention to our eyes? These are potentially our most attractive feature, and yet so many of us neglect them. Many of us have eyes that look and feel tired, red, dry, crusty and irritated because we spend much of our time staring at computer, phone, or tablet screens, which decreases our frequency of blinking, making our eyes look red and tired. Stress, lack of sleep, allergies, sun damage, and poor health also affect our eyes.

Beautiful eyes are healthy eyes and vice versa. By making your eye health a priority, you’ll not only see better and feel more comfortable, but also increase your self-confidence.


There are many ways that Hollywood Vision Center works to improve your eye health. One of our treatments, the MoisturEyes Dry Eye Spa, is meant specifically for those who look at screens all day. Often, this leads to a clogging of the tear glands, resulting in chronically dry, itchy eyes. This treatment, which feels like a warm bath for your eyes, unclogs your tear glands, allowing them to produce the moisture that your eyes need. Our oily tear glands also get clogged as we get older, the same way that the plumbing in your kitchen or bathroom sinks get clogged!

You may also be seeking an aesthetic change for your eyes. With our help, you can select contact lenses or the right glasses frames that accentuate your eyes rather than hide them. Many people need prescription eyewear, and it’s completely possible to wear them with style!

Finally, nothing is more important than getting your annual eye exam, not only to test whether your vision is holding steady, but also to check for signs of glaucoma, cataracts, and other forms of degeneration. Contact us anytime to schedule your first appointment.

At the Hollywood Vision Center, Our Vision is to Enhance Your Vision

Dr. Elise Brisco

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