Gift of Sight

During our lifetime, many gifts are exchanged between friends, family members, colleagues, for the holidays, birthdays, gratitude, etc. One of the most underappreciated gifts is the gift of sight! Not everyone has the luxury of seeing clearly, or being able to use their eyes correctly to read, drive, catch a ball, work or play, which is why the best gift you can receive is one that helps you see your very best.

There are many conditions that can become impediments to good vision, including dry eyes, computer vision syndrome, injury, amblyopia or lazy eye, strabismus, and more. Here are several treatments to come in for or recommend to a friend or family member looking to see better! We have Gift certificates so you can give the gift of sight year round. If you see one of your loved ones with red or watery eyes, squinting, rubbing their eyes, or if they are complaining about their eyes being tired, give them the gift of sight and healthy beautiful eyes!

1. Dry Eyes Spa

Dry Eyes Spa

Dry eye is a condition in which the eyelids don’t make enough tears in the tear glands to help keep the eyes lubricated. This can happen because of heavy computer use, age, clogged tear glands, medications, or stress. This leads to a burning and stinging sensation in the eyes as well as redness, irritation and the feeling of having something stuck in them.

We treat dry eyes in our state of the art dry eye clinic which includes a dry eyes spa treatment, and Intense Pulse Light (IPL). We can help you produce healthy tears to keep your eyes comfortable and beautifully healthy. Dry eyes are a common issue among many people and proper treatment is important to keep this progressive disease from becoming worse over time.

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2. Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is therapy for improving the vision and overall performance related to vision. This treatment aims at improving eye muscle control and coordination, improving visual information processing, and improves overall integration and coordination with the rest of your body for balance, sports, driving, etc. After vision therapy, you will notice improvements while doing tasks like driving, reading and is also helpful for those patients recovering from a brain stroke or concussion.

With vision therapy, you are bringing an improved level of functionality to your visual skills and all tasks associated with it, whether it’s for work, sports, school, or any visually related performance.

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3. Pediatric Vision

Pediatric Vision

Visual information plays a huge role in a child’s development. Children are much better at grasping and retaining visual cues which is why a lot of information fed to them is in a highly visual form. For children, it is difficult to analyze their visual functionality unless done so professionally. Right from the first six months of a child’s life, their vision has to be checked and monitored for any symptoms and irregularities. It is almost impossible for parents to know how their children are seeing, and children with poor vision have nothing to compare what they are seeing, so most vision problems tend to go undiagnosed.

Early detection and treatment can help prevent the onset of any major conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus to keep your child’s vision in good shape for the remainder of their life. Good vision is crucial for optimal academic and sports performance so make sure your child has the vision they need to succeed.

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4. Rehabilitative Vision

Rehabilitative Vision

Brain injury, such as from stroke or concussion often results in visual impairment because the majority of the brain is related to visual function. Symptoms of Post Traumatic Vision Syndrome include:

The solution to this is Rehabilitative Vision Therapy. With vision therapy and specialized tools, such as hemi prisms, we can retrain the brain and patient to improve their visual and visual motor skills to regain their independence through improved functioning. Visual skills are an important part of anyone’s life and their rehabilitation is the focus of this vision therapy and treatment.

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5. Integrative/Holistic Vision

Integrative/Holistic Vision

Vision treatment and therapy aren’t just about technical treatments. There is also a holistic approach to the process that gives you a wholesome and thorough wellness experience to improve the health of your eyes naturally and through lifestyle medicine.

These experiences range from homeopathy, healthy eating, eye exercises, fitness, stress management, lifestyle recommendations, and more. This holistic treatment brings together the power of nature, science and modern tools - delivering a balanced application of both traditional Western and Eastern medicine.

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Dr. Elise Brisco

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