Hillary Clinton is wearing glasses with a membrane called a Fresnel Prism to help her with double vision after her concussion and aneurysm.

There is an extremely high incidence (greater than 50%) of visual and visual-cognitive disorders in neurologically impaired patients (traumatic brain injury from sports or car accidents, mild brain injury – kids in karate, soccer, falling down, stroke, aneurysm, cerebral vascular accidents, multiple sclerosis etc.) https://www.hollywoodvision.com/brain-injury.html


Double vision (cranial nerve palsy, decreased ability to compensate for weak eye muscle coordination). If the eye misalignment exists for awhile, it can lead to suppression of one eye, or a loss of peripheral vision and depth perception. This would give you a two dimensional, rather than a 3D view of world which can impair your eye hand coordination and spatial localization while playing sports or driving.

Vision problems affect your ability to walk, balance, read, drive, etc. Vision problems are disconcerting, affects safety, confidence, and productivity.


Prism: Fresnel or clear (like what Hillary is wearing), special lens that bends light to bring images together. Clear or Fresnel, a type of membrane lens that is cut out and applied to the inside surface of a spectacle lens. The more vertical lines you see, the higher the power of the prism, so the prism Hillary is wearing is pretty powerful. Her double vision must therefore be of a significant amount without her prism in place.
Vision therapy is a type of Physical Therapy to train non-damaged part of brain to do what damaged part used to do. Exercises to stimulate and train the brain using the principles of neuroscience.
Occlusion , spot patch

If brain damage is severe, and not due to temporary swelling, visual abilities will not return
Surgery is sometimes an option for strabismus or an eye turn, but Vision Therapy is still necessary to train the brain to coordinate the eyes correctly.

If you have suffered a brain injury, even a mild one, please have your eyes examined by a Rehabilitative or Neuro Optometrist. Untreated vision problems can cause discomfort and safety problems if not treated. The good news, is that most of these problems are treatable to one degree or another.

Elise Brisco, O.D., F.C.O.V.D. is the Co-Founder of the Rehabilitative Vision Clinic at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. She is in private practice at the Hollywood Vision Center – Optometry, and was the Team Optometrist for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.

Dr. Elise Brisco

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