I am often asked if LASIK or refractive surgery is right for a patient. The answer is, it depends on your eyes, and your lifestyle. Overall, LASIK is very safe. With today’s technology, there are very, very few post-surgical complications so I can recommend it to my patients. I am very conservative in my treatment, and would only recommend a procedure to my patients that I would recommend to my own family.

That having been said, LASIK is still surgery, and we need to do a pre-operative exam to make sure that your eyes are healthy and suitable for LASIK.
Before you see the surgeon, we evaluate the following aspects of your eyes such as:
* Ultrasound to measure the thickness of your cornea for creation of the flap
* Tear analysis
* Cycloplegic refraction (prescription analysis under dilation)
* Topography (map of corneal surface)
* Pupil measurement
* Lifestyle analysis (to determine the target post surgical prescription goal i.e. monovision, under correction, full distance correction, etc.)

If everything looks good, you’ll meet the surgeon and schedule your procedure.

We will see you after surgery over the next several months to make sure that your eyes have healed properly.

LASIK or refractive surgery can be life changing for some patients as they wake up every morning seeing clearly. It is important to do it correctly, and choose the best surgeon after we’ve determined that your eyes are suited for LASIK.

Dr. Elise Brisco

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