During the month of May we want to focus on healthy vision, which means we want to encourage you, your friends and family to make eye health a top priority this month. Healthy Vision Month is the perfect opportunity to learn more about your eye health, while also making sure you and your family understand the importance of regular comprehensive dilated eye exams in maintaining healthy vision.

At Hollywood Vision Center, we want to be your go-to optometrists in Los Angeles, which is why it is important to visit us this month to learn more about healthy vision. While it is important all year, our Los Angeles area optometrists want to place an extra emphasis on healthy vision during the month of May. Your eyes are windows to the world and it is important for you to learn how you can protect them.


With May being Healthy Vision Month, we want to make sure you know what steps you can take to ensure you have healthy vision. To help you better understand your vision health, let’s take a look at 5 different ways you can protect yourself:

Get a dilated eye exam. By getting a dilated eye exam our Los Angeles optometrists will be able to catch eye diseases early, because with many diseases, there are no warning signs.

Live a healthy lifestyle. By living healthy, you can significantly lower your risk of eye disease, as an overall healthy life is good for your eyes. You can start taking steps toward healthy living by maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy foods, not smoking and managing chronic conditions.

Know your family history. By understanding your family history, you can further protect yourself. While you may know that you get your eye color from your parents, did you also know that eye health could be hereditary, too? Talk to your family members about their eye healthy history today.

Use protective eyewear. While doing chores around the house, playing sports or on the job, it is important to keep your eyes protected. Talk to one of our optometrists in Los Angeles to learn more about how you can protect your eyes with protective eyewear.

Wear sunglasses. We all know that the sun’s rays are bad for our skin, but they are just as bad for our eyes. While sunglasses may look fashionable, they do a lot more than just look good. Sunglasses help to protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Celebrate Healthy Vision Month by taking these steps today! At Hollywood Vision Center we want to make sure your eyes are healthy so that you can see well for a lifetime. And don’t forget to spread the word to your family, friends and colleagues. Schedule an appointment today with one of our Los Angeles eye doctors to take the next step toward optimal eye health this month and for a lifetime.

Dr. Elise Brisco

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