Protecting Your Eyes from Spring Allergies


Spring is here to greet us again with lots of flowers and vibrant greens, this also means allergies can act up again. Allergies especially cause itchy, red, and puffy eyes.

How can we be sure these eye conditions are from allergies and how do we keep your eyes protected from these particles?

Allergies stem from a variety of conditions, including pet dander, dust, to perform. While these conditions aren’t limited to one time of the year, they can worsen and flare up in the spring and fall. This is due to pollen. During Spring, some plants will pollinate more. While this is happening, the air becomes full of small particles that can be breathed in and through our eyes without us noticing. If this affects someone with an overactive immune system, then it can create itchy eyes along with other allergic reactions.

Normally, most eye-related allergy symptoms also consist of redness, watering, and itchiness. Some individuals may also experience a scratchy feeling, burning sensation, swollen eyelids, mucous discharge or discomfort while wearing contact lenses. Decongestants can help, but they can also lead to dry eyes, which makes them more susceptible to airborne allergens.

There are several ways to find relief and to decrease allergens from staying in your eyes. If an allergic reaction does occur, then follow the recommended tips to decrease irritation naturally:

Allergy Prevention

While avoiding all pollen in the air is impossible, there are practices you can use to reduce your exposure. Keep your windows shut and avoid using window fans that can blow pollen back into the house. If conditions become too windy, then stay indoors and wear a pollen mask whenever you have to go outside. Sunglasses can also offer a reasonable amount of protection for your eyes.

Whether you’re having eye trouble because of allergies or any other reason, our team is here for you through our telemedicine consultation system. Dr. Brisco offers an well-balanced integrative approach to vision care incorporating both traditional medical treatments as well as more natural options.

Even while you are spending more time indoors, you can still connect with our team if you have concerns or questions about whether the eyewear you have now is sufficient against either pollen, or even airborne viruses. Visit our telemedicine consultation page at to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Elise Brisco

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