Restore Health and Beauty to Your Eyes due to Stress


Stress affects our bodies in many different ways. When your immune system is run down due to stress or anxiety, you are more likely to get a cold or the flu, headaches, gastritis, high blood pressure, etc. Did you know that stress affects your eyes?

I have published two articles about what I have coined, “Stress Induced Dry Eyes” in Primary Care Optometry News, and Natural Medicine Journal. I have also been interviewed many times about the relationship between health and beauty. The health and look of your eyes are a very important indicator of your general health.

Here are the top five ways that stress affects your eyes:

1. Eye infection (pink eye or conjunctivitis)
2. Hordeolum or chalazion (stye)
3. Dry Eyes
4. Blepharitis (“dandruff” on your eyelids)
5. Increase myopia: I call this a pseudomyopia

We can treat these conditions acutely with drops and prescriptions, but unless the underlying causes have been addressed, they risk becoming chronic conditions. I have seen many patients with recurring eye infections and sties progress to meibomian gland dysfunction which means that the glands that make the oily layer of tears is damaged. This results in a loss of ability to make healthy tears to lubricate, protect and nourish your eyes. The main symptoms include red, tired, dry, crusty, teary eyes, and loss of lashes. This neither feels good, nor looks good.

The good news is that most of these conditions can be reversed fully or completely by decreasing the contributing stress. But first you have to treat the clogged tear glands, bacterial overgrowth, and inflammation. I present a home “spa” in this video as well as how we treat our patients to restore health and beauty to their eyes.

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Dr. Elise Brisco

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