See Clearly to Crush It! Scleral Contact Lenses Give Athletes the Competitive Edge

Vision has a big impact on sports performance, especially on eye hand and eye body coordination. Yet athletes, both professional and amateur, often tend to place more emphasis on their physical fitness rather than their visual fitness. But big muscles aren’t going to help you hit that ball out of the park, or even hit that speed bag, if your eyes aren’t able to see and dynamically track a clear target.

Your visual system guides your hands and body. It tells you when to reach out to catch a ball, which direction and speed the ball is coming (or going if you are throwing the ball). It also affects your balance, speed of reaction time, and which way your body moves in relation to the ball and other players on the field. We can improve your tracking, eye teaming and depth perception Sports Vision Therapy. Dr. Brisco has worked with the Anaheim Ducks, the Long Beach Ice Dogs and has trained Olympic athletes to improve their visual skills to raise their game to the next level.

Clear vision is another critical necessity for accuracy and timing. Unfortunately some people cannot see clearly even if they are wearing contact lenses or glasses, and some athletes cannot have LASIK or refractive surgery. Don’t let your kids, or yourself be one of these people. Explore all options!

The Most Advanced Contact Lenses in the World Currently, we are the only office in Los Angeles to have the sMap 3D technology. With the new sMap 3D computer-aided design technology, we measure over 1 MILLION points on your eye to make a totally custom scleral contact lens to fit your eye like a glove! The rigid gas permeable material gives you the clear vision that you need to see street signs more clearly, to work more comfortably on the computer, and to hit the ball right out of the park or on the green! It’s like taking a scan of your body to make the best fitting suit you’ve ever had!

Dr. Brisco is extremely passionate about scleral lenses and being able to provide this revolutionary technology in scleral lens fitting using the sMap3D Technology. She is the only optometrist in the Los Angeles & Beverly Hills area that has outstanding expertise in this technology.

The scleral lens is sometimes the only option available for some contact lens wearers due to its custom design and flexibility for the wearer. Patients who have irregular cornea, keratoconus, dry eyes, pterygium, or have had trouble or pain when wearing other contact lenses can enjoy sharper vision and comfort with the Europa scleral lens.

Scleral lenses are specially designed to rest on the sclera, or white surface of the eye, giving the wearer optimum comfort. Most patients report that they can’t even feel the lenses! Using the sMap3d technology, Hollywood Vision Center can make custom fitting scleral lenses for even the most unique eye irregularities. Where some may have even had problems with other specialty lenses such as soft toric, gas permeable, or Keratoconus, lenses, the scleral lenses can provide optimum comfort. As the only office in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area with this technology, we are the top destination for many patients and encourage you to come in and see Dr. Brisco today for a special consultation.

Vision provides sports figures such as Roger Federer, LeBron James, and Tom Brady the ability to hit a forehand, shoot a three-point shot, or complete a touchdown pass respectively. No matter what the sport, or the exercise, clear vision, and good visual skills are paramount to success.

What Else Does Vision Help With?

Good vision reduces the risk of injury. If you get struck or make physical contact with a player on the opposing team, you can brace yourself before falling or be able to react better with these collisions if you saw it coming. In addition, your reaction speed significantly improves with good vision. With benefits to both performance and safety during sports, it is obvious how important vision is in the athletic arena. Even if you are not a professional athlete, but are active in sports or exercise, you may still be susceptible to injury, and good eye health can minimize that risk.

So How Do I keep My Vision in Great Shape (No Pun Intended)?

Making an appointment with a holistic-integrative optometrist is the most recommended practice. Often, many patients have excuses to delay seeing an optometrist, including:

"I have a standing appointment at the gym at 5pm every day” 
“I have to work late,” (which means staring at the monitor for long periods of time) 
“My contact lenses hurt, so I'm going home 
“I can't take time off to go to the doctor,” or 
“I don't want to take medicine.”

However, these excuses should not be a deterrent to achieving the necessary eye health you need to perform at your very best!

Dr. Brisco is an integrative optometrist whose work specifically addresses the correlation between the health of the eyes and how they contribute to the well-being of the patient as a whole. This includes sports, athletic performance, and fitness. With her background and history as the team optometrist of the Anaheim Ducks and the Long Beach Ice Dogs, she is highly regarded for her expertise in this field. She has successfully taken care of patients for 30 years. Experience counts!

We invite you to schedule an appointment at Hollywood Vision Center to get connected with Dr. Brisco and her team. With our unique holistic approach, we embody the ideal integrative optometry practice. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Elise Brisco

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