Social Distancing: Staying Well and Keeping the Immune System Strong


COVID-19 has us all required to stay home and do things a little differently than what we are used to. As we try to limit our contacts and avoid risks of infecting ourselves or loved ones, it is also important to monitor our own immune systems to make sure they still remain in the best condition. With a good immune system along with a balanced level of physical and mental well-being, we can do our part to help minimize the impact of COVID-19 on the community while protecting our families.

I recommend the following tips to keep your immune system strong:

Reducing Stress and Anxiety - Preventing excessive stress and anxiety can help maximize both mental and physical well-being, leading to greater benefits in immune support. Meditation, yoga, and prayer help me decrease stress and anxiety. I also go on hikes and bike rides that allow social distancing, but help me clear my mind by being outdoors enjoying nature.

Getting Exercise and Good Sleep - Consistent exercise and good sleeping habits can help boost your immune system. Instagram, YouTube and your local gyms have placed an amazing variety of home workouts online that require little to no equipment.

Reducing Vices - Avoiding practices such as smoking or drinking alcohol can help reduce negative impacts to your immune system.

Eat Right - A strong diet with sufficient nutrients and minerals can help boost your immune system. Foods that keep your immune system strong include: citrus fruits (sweet potatoes, broccoli, bell peppers), garlic, ginger, chicken noodle soup, green or black tea, and yogurt.

NingXia Red: I take this anti-oxidant rich drink every day. It also helps give me energy naturally, and is great for eye health. You can find this on my Amazon store:

As a fitness enthusiast, Integrative Optometrist and Certified Clinical Homeopath, Dr. Brisco has improved the lives of her patients for 30 years. Call (323) 521-4770 or

Dr. Elise Brisco

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