The benefits of having clear vision is not limited to reading or driving, but extends to almost everything you do. This includes school, sports, and your career. The essence of having great vision is having the capability to fulfill your goals and ambitions, this is why vision is a passionate topic for us.


The American Journal of Occupational Therapy conducted a study that concluded that most children who have difficulty reading have some type of visual impairment. Research conducted by the professional journal, Optometry, also found that children’s vision is the most accurate indicator of their future academic success.
It is a classic scenario. A child is doing poorly in school. The suspected causes are laziness or a lack of comprehension. A visit to the optometrist for an eye exam reveals that the real problem is the child’s eyesight, tracking or eye coordination. A pair of glasses or contact lenses are prescribed and the child’s grades improve with the improvement in their eyesight. If eyesight is clear, Vision Therapy, instead of glasses may help improve academic performance.

Poor concentration can be a result of of sub-par vision. In addition, reading comprehension is critical to excelling in the classroom. If you cannot see the words clearly, you cannot grasp their meaning. If your eyes cannot track with precise accuracy and coordination across the page, you will be a slow reader, or have difficulty understanding what you are reading. This, in turn, leads to frustration. There is a causal link between good vision and self-esteem. Children who have good self-confidence do better in school, athletics, and life.


Another component of clear vision is how it affects the performance of athletes. Good eye-hand coordination is essential in sports. If your eyesight is impaired, your eye-hand coordination will decrease and you will likely avoid taking part in any type of athletic competition. A lack of exercise adversely affects both the body and the intellect.
Clear vision can further improve your athletic performance by enabling you to better track and spot the motion of a ball or other players. Depth perception, peripheral vision, and overall coordination can be improved with Vision Therapy. This further underlines the importance of having annual vision exams and maintaining a constant tab on your eye health.


By having healthy and clear vision, you can do more and increase your opportunities. Most of us do more work with our eyes than our bodies at work since we work at our desk, or stare at a computer most of the day. Some professions that have a heavy visual demand include designers, police officers, firemen, accountants, computer programmers and airline pilots. Even if you are in a different profession, all of us in any field can benefit from having clear eyesight, good tracking and eye coordination to input and process information accurately and efficiently.
With the correlation between clear vision and success in almost all activities and professions, you can realign your vision and goals by taking care of your vision. Good vision is part of a healthy lifestyle and gives you the tools to succeed in every aspect of your life.

Dr. Brisco has dedicated her life and career to helping her patients excel academically, athletically, and in their careers through excellent vision and health.
With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Brisco has developed many innovative ways to improve visual performance, age gracefully, and stay healthy. Since stress and many health problems affect the eyes, she can identify health problems through the eye exam.

As a Clinical Homeopath, she integrates natural medicine, diet, exercise and stress management into her recommendations to help her patients achieve their goals. Dr. Brisco had helped hundreds of thousands of patients over the years, and considers each of her patients as part of her professional family.

It is never too late to take care of your vision and expand your horizons!

Dr. Elise Brisco

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