Why Choose Integrative Medicine?

Conventional medicine has often been accused of putting more focus on treating symptoms instead of underlying problems. Integrative medicine closes the gap by utilizing both conventional and natural medicine to better help patients restore and maintain their health as they age.

Integrative medicine asserts that, in order to truly understand a particular patient’s certain set of unique circumstances, one must to take into consideration a full range of variables. These variable include (but are not necessarily limited to) physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and even environmental factors -- all of which can influence a person’s health.

Patients are asking for a more natural approach to maintain their health, the same way they are seeking organic products, and foods that are antibiotic and hormone free. A healthy diet, exercise and mindfulness are all part of the healthy lifestyle that is recommended by Integrative doctors.

Core Principles of Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine and Optometry

Just like all other forms of medicine and sciences, optometry is undergoing some exciting changes as a result of technological advances and patient needs. Advanced aging in our country’s population increases the need for more advanced and homeopathic options for vision care, which resulted in the concept and implementation of integrative eye care.


As eye care specialists focus more on personalizing patient care, integrative medicine will continue to go beyond the treatment of symptoms and address the deeper underlying causes of the illness or condition. Integrative Optometry also gives patients more options instead of just pharmaceuticals and surgery.

Integrating Homeopathy

Homeopathy is practiced by doctors all over the world, but it’s more widely used in Europe, Asia, and India. The aim with homeopathy is to stimulate the human body’s own natural healing responses. This is a powerful, yet safe way to treat many health problems by triggering a healing response from the body’s own immune system rather than using pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Brisco is one of a few Optometrists in the United States who is a Certified Clinical Homeopath. She is also the Chief Medical Advisor for Natural Ophthalmics. She offers patients both conventional and natural choices when prescribing whenever possible, and evaluates her patients from a holistic approach.

Homeopathic Treatment for the Eyes

At the Hollywood Vision Center we incorporate homeopathic medicine into our practice, like Allergy Desensitization drops which helps to decrease the body’s overreaction to allergens, similar to how allergy shots work.

Another example are the homeopathic eye drops which stimulate natural tear production, instead of artificial tears which only provide 20-30 minutes of temporary relief without actually increasing tear production. Homeopathic tear stimulation drops assist and activate the body’s natural abilities to provide relief for for redness, burning, and scratchy sensation.

A Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach when it comes to our patients and evaluate whether symptoms are due to physical or emotional stress. We provide a 360-degree treatment program which incorporates:

The Hollywood Vision Difference

At Hollywood Vision Center Optometry and Homeopathy we provide effective and natural options for patients who need compassionate, customized care. Dr. Elise Brisco, OD, FAAO, CCH, FCOVD is able to provide a broad array of treatment options for patients needing integrative eye care in Los Angeles.  Dr. Brisco is a Doctor of Optometry and also a Certified Clinical Homeopath offering holistic, homeopathic, and integrative eye care treatment options. We take multidisciplinary approach when it will benefit the patient incorporating other health care disciplines such as Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, and Chinese medicine.

Our aim is always to treat current problems while helping you avoid illness and inconvenience down the road. We use a  variety of options to get the best possible results for you. Contact us today for a consultation. (323) 954-5800

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