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Learn Your Risks for Eye Diseases & Vision Problems

Regular eye exams can be vital for keeping your eyes healthy and your vision strong. An eye exam allows your optometrist to detect signs of eye disease and vision problems before they impact your vision.

Without an exam, you might not even know you have an eye disease until it starts causing severe challenges for you—including irreparable vision loss. The optometrists at Hollywood Vision Center have the tools and experience to look for hidden warning signs and act fast to protect you before your eyesight is damaged. We can also update your prescription and help you find any glasses or contact lenses you need.

Better eye care is just around the corner. Come see us at your earliest convenience.

When to Have Eye Exams

According to recommendations by the American Optometric Association, adults should have eye exams:

  • Once every year after turning 18
  • Every year after turning 65

That said, not all eyes are alike, and some people have needs requiring extra attention. As part of our mission to deliver tailored eye care for each and every patient, we’ll provide you with a custom exam schedule after your first few visits with us.

What Happens in Your Eye Exam

Your eye exam will likely last between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on what you need. Sometimes we need to run extra tests that take more time, but we’ll always let you know before your exam so you can plan ahead.

We’ll probably begin your exam with a discussion of your medical history, including details about your family history and any medications you use. Then you’ll have a chance to bring up any concerns you have about your eyes before we start testing them.

Our tests can give us vital information about several key factors, like:

We also look at how healthy your eyes are, paying close attention to your:

If the exam turns up any signs of eye diseases or vision problems, we’ll let you know and work with you to address them effectively. We’ll also update your prescription for glasses or contact lenses and let you know if you need to come see us again before the next date in your current schedule.

Let Us Care for Your Eyes

Regular eye exams can help you enjoy peace of mind knowing your eye care needs are in the hands of skilled professionals. Please contact Hollywood Vision Center today and schedule your next visit.

Our Location in Hollywood

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Our practice is just off Carrillo Drive, in the scenic Carthay Circle Garden Plaza.

We offer valet parking in the building, and there is ample street parking in the neighborhood.

  • 955 Carrillo Drive, Suite 105
  • Los Angeles, CA 90048

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