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Support Your Children’s Development with Eye Exams

Hollywood Vision Center is just as dedicated to protecting children’s eyes and vision as we are to serving adults and seniors. We offer comprehensive eye exams designed to address your children’s specific needs.

We provide a warm and welcoming environment where your kids can relax during their eye exams. Our eye doctors also know how to make exams fun and educational, so your little ones can enjoy learning about their eyes while we look for any issues that need attention.

Take steps to protect your children’s eyes for life, and schedule their exams with us today.

Do Children Actually Need Eye Exams?

Most people begin life with healthy eyes, but that’s not always the case. In fact, children can experience numerous eye health and vision problems, such as myopia and strabismus.

Taking your kids for regular eye exams lets us uncover eye problems before they have a chance to impact their development in undesirable ways. Our eye exams could make the difference between a child whose visual needs are taken care of and one whose aren’t. Many children with vision problems present from birth assume their eyesight is normal and won’t know something is wrong until we tell them.

Regular childhood eye exams can also help kids avoid unnecessary school challenges since the vast majority of childhood learning involves visual information. Early diagnosis and correction of childhood vision problems ensure your child’s vision won’t hold them back in the classroom, during sports, or other group activities.

When to Take Your Children for Eye Exams

We want to make sure your children’s eye health and vision needs are met from an early age, so we suggest bringing them for their first exam when they turn 1 year old. After that, the American Optometric Association recommends an eye exam:

  • Once before the start of first grade (at age 5 or 6)
  • Each year from then on until they turn 18

But just like with adults and seniors, your child might need to come in more frequently if they have any issues that need extra attention. Once we’ve gotten to know your child’s eyes through an exam or 2, we can personalize an exam schedule for them.

What Happens in Your Child’s Eye Exam?

We begin your child’s eye exam by asking a few questions about how they use their eyes. We then check their eyes for signs of vision problems or health risks and recommend strategies for addressing any issues we discover.

We’ll then check their visual acuity, binocular vision, and refraction. We may also need to take images of different areas in your child’s eyes. But these tests are non-invasive and fairly comfortable. 

Near the end of the exam, we’ll also update your child’s prescription so they can get corrective lenses if they need them. Please bring your child’s current glasses or contact lenses to the exam so we can replace them if necessary.

Uncross Your Child’s Eyes

Strabismus occurs when the eyes don’t work together properly. It can happen when a person has poor control of their eye muscles or when they are extremely farsighted. Strabismus often appears during childhood and is easiest to correct early in life.

Strabismus can affect both depth perception and visual clarity. If left untreated, it may also significantly impair vision over time. Let our optometrists help correct or control strabismus before this happens to you or your children.

Causes & Effects of Strabismus

Strabismus can be caused by many factors, including:

  • Problems with the muscles that focus your eyes
  • Problems with the nerves your brain uses to communicate with these muscles
  • Problems with the part of your brain that controls these muscles
  • Eye injuries and other health conditions

Your risk of developing strabismus increases if:

Without treatment, strabismus can lead to a condition called amblyopia, where your brain ignores visual signals from the weaker eye. The result can permanently impair vision in that eye, so diagnosing and treating strabismus early is vital for maintaining healthy vision.

How We Can Help with Strabismus

There are several ways to correct or control strabismus. At Hollywood Vision Center, we may recommend:

Invest in Your Children’s Eyes

Bringing your kids for regular eye exams and following the advice of their eye doctor can help improve their quality of life in meaningful ways. Help your children see the future clearly by booking their next appointment at our practice today.

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